Bono: a plane ticket for his hat for $1,700

Introducing the Bono hat. Ever heard of a hat so posh it demanded a first-class plane ticket when its rockstar owner forgot it at home?

The Amazing Journey of the Bono Hat

When Bono left his hat at home on a vacation, there was no limit to his disappointment. The U2 singer immediately bought a $1,700 plane ticket for his hat. Why his hat needed a first-class ticket, and what was so special about it, no one still knows.

It’s as though that Bono hat had a personality of its own, demanding the royal treatment. Perhaps it whispered to him, “Bono, I can’t be seen in economy class! People are used to seeing me on stage with you, and I refuse to be crammed in with the plebeians.” Or maybe it held the secret to all his lyrical inspirations, and he couldn’t risk losing it.

The hat’s solo adventure probably sparked envy among other inanimate objects in Bono’s wardrobe. The sunglasses must have wondered when it would get its own tropical getaway. “Do I need to get lost in Fiji for a five-star vacation?” it might have pondered, as Bono’s prized hat lived its best life.

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