H. Couture Beauty’s Diamond Mascara & Lipstick

Price: 14 000 000 $

Mascara and lipstick happen to be two of the most popular weapons carried around in a girl’s portable arsenal.  They accentuate our most attractive features and give us the confidence boost we need to make it through an important event, a day at the office or even an afternoon of shopping.  Recognizing this, H. Couture Beauty has designed a mascara and lipstick case that elevate these common beauty tools to new levels.  Their smudge proof mascara can now be purchased housed in a case flaunting 1,000 hand set Swarovski crystals complete with an 18K gold cap.  This high-end product retails for $589.00.  The lipstick sets you back $150.00.  While this glamorous duo is a must have for any socialite or beauty queen, a special request in regards to this set has turned heads and set new records.

A Special Request

The H. Couture Beauty’s mascara and lipstick duo drew so much interest that it exceeded expectations.  More than that, it caught the attention of a Las Vegas woman who had to have the set, but with some modifications.  In place of the Swarovski crystals, a request for 2,500 blue diamonds encrusting a solid 18K gold case housing the company’s mascara was ordered.  The lipstick was changed to have1,200 pink diamonds adorning its cover.  H. Couture Beauty’s diamond mascara and lipstick was valued at $14 million.  This makes the mascara and lipstick the most expensive in the world.  The package included concierge service, 24/7 customer service and complimentary lip and lash refills for life.  Of course with a price tag like that, you would expect this kind of service.  For those of us who may choose to not spend that, the Swarovski crystal set also comes with this extra service too. How did this extravagant diamond set come about?

H. Couture Beauty set out to fulfill the request of their generous patron right away.  They source their own diamonds, so a quality and a seamless product was created.  Especially was this needed in the case of the colored blue and pink diamonds.  In the hands of their private jeweler, the mascara and lipstick cases were transformed into something fit for royalty- a beauty queen in this case.   Once the undertaking was completed, the gorgeous packaged set was hand delivered to its new owner.

Luxury in the world of make-up is not that new.  Even from ancient times, we have decorated the cases that house our make-up and other beautifying tools in ornate cases and precious materials.  H. Couture Beauty is seeing to it that this long tradition is not lost.  If you are looking to add a bit of sparkle-whether from crystals or diamonds- to your make-up collection, they may just have what you are looking for.

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