Lambda Ultra-Premium Olive Oil

Price: 185 $

Any home chef who knows a little about cooking knows that olive oil is one of the healthiest and versatile options that you can use in the kitchen. Low in all the bad stuff, high in all the good stuff, and flexible enough that you can either fry with it or turn it into a salad dressing, olive oil is a must have staple in any kitchen. Taking that thought to the extreme is luxury food developer Girogos Kolliopolous, who is the creator of the Lambda line of products. With their exclusive, ultra premium olive oil, you can expect to pay $185.00 per 1000 ml for the opportunity to utilize this highly addictive product.

Lambda Olive Oil’s Secret Is Two-Fold

Kolliopolous took a look at all the premium olive oils that were on the market and knew that he could create a better product. That’s why he selected premium olives from well aged trees from the island of Crete. These olives are low in acid, which allows Lambda to produce an ultra premium olive oil that is devoid of any sensory defects. That is why the Lambda olive oil consistently tests better than any extra virgin olive oil on the market today.

And then it comes from the refinement process itself. Lambda olive oil is not ultra refined, which means that are several control measures in place that help to produce a consistent product. That also means that there is a limited quantity of this ultra premium olive oil on the market today. Pressed within eight hours of picking through an exclusive cold compression system, workers fill the bottles by hand, eliminating any machinery from the process.

If you are ready to try one of the best olive oil products in the world, then you’re going to have to look somewhere beyond the grocery store shelf. The easiest way would be to purchase online, but select countries do have select retailers that offer this wonderful product. Start seeing what your food should taste like with the ultra premium Lambda olive oil today!

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