Aurora Diamante Pen

Price: 1 300 000 $

What do you give the person who literally has everything they could ever want? The Aurora Diamante Pen, of course! Billed as being the world’s most expensive pen, it is clearly the leader of the pack when it comes to today’s most luxurious accessories. Made by Aurora, an Italian pen maker known all over the world for exquisite quality, this item really is the best gift for that person who really has everything.

How Exclusive is the Aurora Diamante Pen? How About One Per Year?

That’s right – Aurora has stated that they will only make one of this beautiful pens every year. Just one. That means when you can get your hands on this rare and exclusive product, you are giving the gift that is made for royalty.

Made from How Many Carats?

Aurora constructs each Aurora Diamante Pen with 30 carats of diamonds exclusively from De Beers, as well as an 18 carat, solid gold nib that is two toned and treated with rhodium so that you can have it personalized in whatever way you feel is appropriate. It is self proclaimed as being the only 30 carat diamond pen in the world, and when you combine that with the fact that Aurora manufactures just one of these extravagant pens ever year, you will find that you are in exclusive company when you have the Aurora Diamante Pen in your possession.

Whether you are giving it as the gift for the person who has everything or you want simply the best in luxury accessories for yourself, you cannot go wrong with the Aurora Diamante Pen. Retailing at just over $1.4 million, it is an investment in yourself or someone else that will keep on building.

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