Royal Huisman’s Athena Sailing Yacht

Price: 30 000 000 $

Athena is a fitting name for the world’s largest and most luxurious private yacht. Although some consider the Athena to be the Goddess of the sea, she is much more than that, and rightly so. Completed in 2005, the Royal Huisman’s Athena began as an idea much earlier than that. The idea was to merge old world classic yachting with the new age charm, amenities, and luxury many new yacht owners would seek in a motor yacht today.  Here you will discover more about this wonderful creation, and why it has become one of the most talked about sailing yachts in the world.

Royal Huisman’s Athena

The architecture and design that so graciously radiates from every corner of this magnificent creation was made possible by Dijkstra & Partners in collaboration with Pieter Bleedsnijder Design. Rebecca Bradley Design took the lead for the interior and it resulted in something quite unique and truly fascinating.

Considered to be a super yacht, this creation accommodates a crew of 22 as well as 12 passengers comfortably. Fully equipped, this schooner will reach speeds of up to 19 knots being only a triple mast. With the classic beauty, fine craftsmanship, and complete wonderment, this schooner was actually built for a very well known internet entrepreneur by the name of James Clark. This is an individual that is well known in yachting circles as the owner of the Hyperion, a 47(m) sailing yacht. It’s important to note that this is a yacht that is 90(m) or 295(ft) in length, making it the longest yacht in the world.


When visiting the bridge deck, you will not be able to help yourself when it comes to recognizing the charming yet elegant, Portuguese-style pilothouse. Although you do have open air and interior navigation, you will find that the pilothouse has been specifically designed for protection as well as luxury. In addition, if you are a true yacht admirer, you’ll discover that the compass pedestal stand and the Dutch style wheel reside up front rather than aft, as found on most sailing yachts. The level of detail displayed in the wood, cabin areas, and the overall exterior of the vessel, is simply overwhelming.  From the engraving of “Athena” on the ships exterior wheel and compass, to the insignia located on the stern, this is a true testament of art and craftsmanship that has been created, implemented and developed by Royal Huisman.

Although there are a variety of other features that make this one of the most phenomenal sailing yachts you may ever have the chance of seeing, the information provided above is only meant to arouse your senses when it relates to beauty, craftsmanship, and pure design. The Royal Huisman’s Athena is a true Goddess, and when it comes to ruling the open sea – there is no other yacht that can take her place.

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