Meridian 541 Sedan yacht

Price: 1 700 000 $

Designed for serious cruising, this expensive yacht is a ground breaking innovation of the brand. The 541 Sedan comes with the most advanced systems of propulsion currently available. Though gigantic at almost 54 feet, the yacht is extremely easy to control. Not only does the Zeus propulsion system make possible joystick docking possible, but also easily accommodates faster speeds.

The Performance

The Meridian 541 Sedan Yacht reaches a speed of about 34.9 mph at 2500 rotations per minute. The estimated fuel burn at this speed is 67.7 gph. An average cruiser will enjoy his time at approximately 2200 rpm, burning fuel at 53 gph. The Zeus propulsion system also has an incorporated autopilot that works very efficiently.

It’s Distinctive Features

An impeccable immaculate interior was perfected by designers who took their time at it. You will also enjoy a relaxed and welcoming ambiance while inside the dining and sleeping quarters. While comfortably seated, everybody can see outside rather than feeling like you are in a cave. The two head style of the three stateroom avails berths for at least six people. The master stateroom, obviously spacious lies amidships. It is also conveniently fixed with sets of lockers and shelves and an additional space for a chair and desk. It has 6 feet 5 inches of headroom which makes the crew comfortable-they feel less confined below. In addition to this, there is a dinette that can take in two more people.

The benignant comforts in the interior are replicated in the exterior of the Meridian 541 Sedan Yacht. The aft gallery suitably and conveniently matches with the contiguous gallery. The crew has lots of space on the deck with the advantage of an optional rooftop hard cover making it ideal for entertainment. The rooftop importantly shields the crew from extreme weather conditions, making it the perfect lunch spot. This expensive yacht has simply outdone the goals of its brand.

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