Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas box clutch

Price: 2 295 $

When it comes to exhibiting luxurious style statement and ultimate in fashion, look no further than Alexander Mcqueen. Alexander Mcqueen is a luxury fashion house known for presenting exquisite glamorous collections. Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas box clutch is an elegant, top in style handbag which every woman desires to have. If you happen to have one, you will feel a sense of pride and prized ownership. Don’t be surprised if people are noticing and watching you with an envious look. No matter what style you are wearing, it will complement your look.

The Iris Plexiglas box clutch, coming from the famous designer Alexander McQueen is decent size and beautiful. The clutch is Plexiglas molded with a gold metal frame. The gold metallic clasp is embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals and is shaped like a skull sitting inside the blossomed iris flower. The handbag interior design is simple and made of white leather and the only color it is available in is transparent. Alexander McQueen Iris Plexiglas box clutch is meant for those who give utmost importance to style and quality and would like to leave a great influence on others. Wherever you go or whomever you meet, this designer handbag is going to leave a long lasting impression on everyone and leave them craving for one.

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