Knight XV


Not so many people are quite familiar about Conquest vehicles such as the Conquest Knight XV. Although it does not qualify for everyday use, it fits perfectly to government officials and athletes. This large and armored vehicle comes with abundant security and comfort features. The Knight XV 2010 model obtained electronic touch handles, leather steering wheels and shifter handle, billet aluminum, custom flat screen TV, ultra suede seating, TracVision satellite system and electrostatic window tinting system. The company created high level and advanced security upgrades and options platform for this vehicle. It is equipped with oxygen survival kit beneath vehicle magnetic attachment system, under vehicle blast protection scheme, numerous armoring levels and the black box system. Aside from the security and luxury upgrades of Conquest Vehicle to the Knight XV, there are also other design and upgrade options integrated such as the turbo charger package, custom-built braking system, high grade air ride suspension system and custom made braking system that consist 15 inches vented two-piece front rotors alongside with high performance 12 billet calipers, diesel engine, carbon fiber instrument panel, conversion package and 24” vehicle extension package.

Knight XV 2012 Model Features

The Knight XV 2012 model is designed through the use of the highest quality and most classy armoring materials in the world. Starting with its exterior, it features most of the similar design elements as the previous model except that it is a little bigger in length and width. There are few yet notable changes made on this vehicle including the redesigned and powerful hood, front end, new grille with matching taillights and headlights. What make it even the most luxurious is that it comes with are the optional packages. You can expect to see a lot of heaps on the 2012 model such as the Luxury Group Package and Security Package. The add-ons are featuring electrostatic tinting on the sunroofs, rear windows and partition, retractable ballistic glass panel, siren, retractable flat screen TV, two-way PA system built with loud speaker, backup and forward sensors, concealed front VIP strobes light, external intercom communication system, entertainment system Playstation3 and additional features such as a cigar humidor and cooler box.

It also offers less premium upgrades with more than enough features on security to rival Las Vegas casino. As a component of the Security Package, you will be entitled to receiving cool trinkets like protection feature on under vehicle explosive as well as magnetic attachment detector, black box, opaque floor armor security, positive pressure defense structure and external surveillance camera system, fire extinguisher, the oxygen survival kit and security safe,. When it comes to performance, this vehicle has its share of powertrain capabilities. The former model comes with Ford 6.8 liter V10 engine wit E-85 ethanol conversion. However, the 2012 model has gas version featuring General Motors sourced 6.0 liter V8 engine. There is also available diesel engine with the 6.7 liter Cummins ISB engine. These engines are equipped with Freightliner platform chasses along with the five-speed Torqshift transmission that is automatic.



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