Villa Castiglione Castle

The Villa Castiglione’s central structure which was built during the medieval times is made of towering stone which dates back to 11th century where this was used as nearby castle’s defense tower. Side wings were added on its structure thus converted the house to vineyard estate. Baldesar Castiglione’s descendant which is now the owner of the Villa Castiglione has restored and retained the old structure of the house giving the guests the taste of passé times.

The Villa Castiglione is a welcoming and relaxing sight for you after your long and tiring hours of journey. Once you checked in on this villa, there is an already ready ingredient which you can prepare for your dinner which consists of pasta and Italian vegetables. You can prepare a healthy salad or a delightful meal using the aldente pasta coupled with delicious wine or refreshing water. There are already basic commodities that you can find inside the villa such as milk, butter, coffee, cereals, oil, fruit, eggs, jam, biscuits, and orange juice and many more. These supplies will be adjusted according to the number of guests that checked in on this revitalizing villa.

Comforts that Villa Castiglione Can Give You

Upon entering the villa, you will be captivated by the enthralling flower beds and it’s abounding in colors garden. It is furnished with superb quality of teak woods where it enables you to see the full panoramic view of the garden. The kitchen’s trellis is surrounded with jasmine that inspires you more to prepare your delectable and mouthwatering meals and comfortably eat it in the fresco dining area. It has a pool that overlooks the spectacular view of the sunset and it has also a shower where you can easily wash and rinse after having your relaxing bathing in the pool.

The medieval structure of Villa Castiglione perfectly matches the modern equipment that you can find inside it. The three floors can accommodate up to 9 people in five comfortable bedrooms which are fully air conditioned. Each room has big closets where you can store your belongings, interior bathrooms, and under the terrace there is another bathroom. It has a wide living room with a fireplace and a burning oven where you can enjoy grilling your barbecue.

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    can dogs live in there or nah i would pay £20 for this house max


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