Diamond-encrusted Plantronics headset

Price: 50 000 $

For the ultimate in luxury, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend. And where else could diamonds be more appropriate than on cell phone accessories? The very latest in Bluetooth headsets that is now available with considerable diamond bling is the Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset manufactured by the industry leader in headsets, Plantronics.This new gold and diamond encrusted Bluetooth headset is priced in the neighborhood of $50k, but for those who can’t resist the very latest in opulence paired with high-tech hands-free convenience, it’s worth every penny.

Plantronics originally introduced this pricey diamond encrusted BluetoothDiscovery 925 model headset in 2009 at an Elle sponsored auction for charity that was held during the Mobile World Congress. The actual number and grade of the diamonds are not being divulged, however the design and work are most certainly first rate and impressive.Although the headset is only inlimitedrelease now, someday everybody will want one, either for themselves or as a gift.

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