Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Île


Of all the rarest of the rarest watches in the world, the Vacheron Constantin Tour de L’Île may be the rarest of them all. Produced in a limited edition of only seven watches, it is known as the most complicated watch that has ever been made. It is a double-faced watch and can list sixteen different points on the face of it, including a second time zone, a minute repeater, and even the representation of the night sky. The Vacheron Constantin Tour de L’Île, with over ten thousand hours of research and development put into it, simply is one of the greatest works of craftsmanship the world has ever seen, much less in the form of a watch.

With 834 Parts, The Vacheron Constantin Tour de L’Île Will Serve All Your Needs

What makes the Vacheron Constantin Tour de L’Île the world’s most complicated watch is not only the 10,000 hours of research and development that were put into it, but also the 834 quality parts that this exquisite watch contains. With a self-winding movement, a perpetual calendar, and even the ability to calculate the sunrise and sunset, every dollar that you spend on the Vacheron Constantin Tour De’Ile is a dollar worth spending.

The Vacheron Constantin Tour De’Île can be yours for the mere price of $1.5 million – a fair price for all of the work that the watchmakers of Vacheron Constantin put into this piece of rare craftsmanship. Made to last, the Vacheron Constantin Tour de L’Île isn’t just a watch – it is an investment into the best made watch the world has ever seen.

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  • 22.02.2020 at 13:15

    This thing makes it look like i could go to walmart and pick up a rolex….


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