Gold Rush Nail Paint

Price: 130 000 $

Are you do for your regular mani-pedi?  Having trouble deciding on a color, are you looking for something different?  Perhaps you just want to splurge a bit or are looking for something a bit more luxurious.  If you have discerning taste and a bank account to match we may have something of interest.  Gold Rush Nail Paint is a different breed when compared to the usual nail polish or paint.  What is this uniquely intriguing product?  What makes it so special?  Let us tell you about Gold Rush Nail Paint.

Gold Rush Nail Paint is all about unabashed opulence.  The gold color and bold design of the bottle begins the experience.  The color of the nail paint is a true gold.  This can be said as it has actual flakes of the precious metal.  That fact alone makes the price of this out-of-the-ordinary polish remarkably high, but that will be addressed in a it.  We are pretty sure you will feel much like an Egyptian princess once a coat of the precious liquid has been delicately painted onto your fingernails.  Golden, glistening and over the top, this is sure to turn heads and make your girlfriends wonder.  They may even be a bit jealous.

We are not finished yet.  The Gold Rush Nail Paint still has features yet to be described.  While manicures and pedicures are pretty close to the top of the list for a girl’s favorite things, it is not number one.  Today, this might change.  The lid of this pricey paint is home to 1,118 brilliant diamonds.  In tight rows, these beautiful little diamonds easily outshine the paint inside.  Once the polish is gone, however you have a gorgeous reminder of the value of your purchase.  A crust of gleaming rock makes this the prettiest little bottle of polish imaginable.

Gold flakes, over one thousand diamonds, how is that for luxury?  And all of this just for your fingernails.  We are sure that even Cleopatra herself did not adorn her royal fingernails anything so regal.  The cost of this splendid little purchase will set you back $130,000.  Not too bad, if you consider what you are really getting.  Gold Rush Nail Paint is a unique approach to the common nail polish.  We know you will feel different after it is on your nails too.  Once you open the understated box that conceals its treasure within, we are sure it will bring a smile to your face.

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  • 22.02.2020 at 13:15

    I just done got my nails did wit dis shit, i decided it looked it look goooooooood ?


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