Digest of the day: concepts from Tokyo, the new Superb and other industry events

At the Japan Mobility Week exhibition that opened today, the debut of many concept cars of varying degrees of elaboration took place. We will tell you about some of them separately, and now there is a selection of cars, about which there is very little information. For example, this is a mid-size coupe under the historical name Honda Prelude. It was used from 1978 to 2001, during which time five generations were born. A concept with tinted windows equipped with an electrified power plant is shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. There are no other details, but, according to unofficial data, the new Prelude is built on the basis of the mass model Honda Civic.

The Nissan Hyper Force concept is an electric hypercar that foreshadows the next—generation GT-R. The coupe has a solid-state traction battery, and the power of the power plant reaches 1000 kW (1360 hp). The Nismo sports division participates in the development of the car, and the company Polyphony Digital, known to the general public as the developer of a series of popular Gran Turismo racing simulators, was involved in the creation of the software.

And Infiniti has shown a prototype of its first production electric car. Although this is not the first show car under such a slogan: almost five years ago, the “future electric car” was demonstrated, but who is still there. Now the title of the first battery model is claimed by the concept Infiniti Vision Qe — a large fastback with complex body plastics and advanced lighting technology. There are no technical details.

Mitsubishi D:X should become the heir to the already elderly Delica D model:5. And this four-wheel drive van will not be completely electric! D:X is claimed as a rechargable hybrid with a separate electric driving mode. Yamaha is involved in the development. In addition, the release of the Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck has been announced on the Japanese market. Cars will be delivered here from Thailand.

The production of “heels” Ford Tourneo Courier and Transit Courier, which were presented last spring, has begun. The whole family of Couriers registered at the factory in Craiova (Romania), which belongs to the Ford Otosan joint venture, but so far only versions with internal combustion engines have been put on the conveyor. Transit has a choice of a liter gasoline turbotroika (100 or 125 hp), as well as a 1.5 turbodiesel (100 hp). Passenger Tourneo Courier is only gasoline. Prices — from 22075 euros for Transit Courier and from 25450 euros for Tourneo Courier. The production of electric versions will begin in 2024.

Design sketches of the Skoda Superb new generation model have been published. Earlier it was announced that the range will remain liftback and station wagon, as well as declassified interior and technical data. It remains only to reveal the appearance of the cars. The world premiere of the new Superba is scheduled for November 2.

Also today we talked about the Mazda Iconic SP concept, the Changan CS95 crossover and the entry of the Ora and Wey brands into the Russian market.

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