La Ley del Diamante Tequila

Price: 1 310 000 $ (1 000 000 €)

Do you have an affinity for hard liquor?  Are you a connoisseur or perhaps a collector?  If you have a discerning taste and a good eye for detail, this may be able to satisfy on all accounts, it’s the Tequila La Ley del Diamante.  One of the world’s most expensive liquors and not to mention the bottle it is contained in, this masterpiece is not for the faint of heart, or the penny-pincher.  What makes this drink different from the rest, let’s take a brief look.

When it was first revealed in 2007, it was the most expensive bottle ever, even giving it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.  What makes it so valuable?  For those who truly appreciate art and the workmanship that is behind it, the coming about of this bottle may be of some interest.  The hand-blown glass was created by 32 Mexican craftsmen.  The bottle is then dipped in pure platinum-4 kilograms worth- and sterling silver.  Four thousand brilliant cut diamonds are hand placed on the lid, front and back of the bottle.  Finally, a blend of well-aged tequila fills its expensive container.  The tequila is of course, 100% agave and has an alcohol content of 42%.  It comes in at a hefty 84 proof.  The end result is valued at over 1 million Euros.

Fifteen percent of the proceeds of the first sale were to go to help out a Mexican charity.  The buyer then, of course, feels a sense of giving back to the country that originally gave the world this liquid gold.  Tequila La Ley del Diamante may have lost its ‘World’s Most Expensive Bottle’ title, but it is still a masterpiece.  For those who can appreciate the art and design to the precious contents inside (it has a capacity of 1.2 liters) it is still a priceless piece to the discerning collector.  Encrusted with more diamonds than one would care to count, added to the gleam of pure platinum and silver, makes this not your average bar-shelf drink.  Unless you want to show off, you probably won’t have the guys over to do shots on a Friday night. We are certain, though, that you will enjoy your first drink all the way to the last.  Not to be taken lightly anymore, tequila has risen in the estimation of many.  Tequila La Ley del Diamante has brought this once common drink to new levels of refinement and class.

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